The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten. – Benjamin Franklin

Choosing your string group can be a minefield – below are some details of  the different kinds of groups that I have noticed playing for weddings over the last number of years. Whilst appreciating that a string group is a luxury, it is 100% guaranteed to leave all your guests with an overwhelming memory of your wedding and how unique it was.

We are a very honest and upfront business where we offer our best prices at the outset.  It is worth bearing in mind that the cheapest quote is not always the best.  A few pounds saved on the budget can be the difference between a satisfactory string quartet and a totally AMAZING musical experience.

  • A school quartet will have limited experience and the playing standard will reflect this. Expect to hear the same pieces several times as the musical repertoire will be small. It may be worth thinking about whether their sound would be heard over the sound of your guests!
  • A student group will be slightly better quality, but will probably be ad hoc. Reliability and punctuality may be considerations.
  • An amateur or semi-professional quartet will be made up of keen music lovers and will have a large selection of music to choose from. It is likely semi-pro players have day jobs; so it may be difficult for them to be available on weekdays. Standard of playing can vary greatly.
  • A professional string group will be of top quality and have an extensive repertoire of music to choose from. These players are full time musicians at the top of their profession and these musicians will give you the best musical performance available.

Please remember that a fantastic website does not mean a fantastic group – I cannot stress enough about needing to get testimonials from other people who have experienced the group you are interested in. It is also worth considering that anybody can advertise in a glossy Bridal Magazine, a fabulous website or online directory. It doesn’t mean they are what they portray themselves to be! PLEASE ask to talk to past clients or other wedding suppliers who have first hand knowledge of the group you are interested in.

Public liability insurance – school, students and amateur/semi-professional groups
School, student and amateur groups will probably not be covered by public liability insurance. Most professional groups will have this cover but it is imperative to ask about it as some may not. This may be an important consideration for you in case of an accident involving any of your guests – you don’t want this to come back on you.

Professional Bodies
Our professional musicians are members of the British Musicians’ Union or members of the Incorporated Society of Musicians. Both organisations cover their members for Public Liability Insurance.

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