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How far do you travel?
If we are given enough notice we can usually get just about anywhere, although we mainly cover the Midlands, East Anglia, Southern England and London. We do charge minimal travel expenses when driving more than 50 miles. These charges are in addition to our booking fees.
We are occasionally booked to play overseas . Flights and Hotel charges are the client’s responsibility and are in addition to our booking fees.

How much do you charge?
We prefer to send you our fees in writing, as we offer the services of 3 different groups, however, just to give you an example of our prices, they start from *£500 (T’s&C’s apply)

What is the difference between a string quartet, a string trio and a string duo?
Our string quartet is made up of 2 violins, viola and ‘cello
Our string trio is violin, viola and ‘cello
Our string duo is violin and viola

Do you hold Public Liability Insurance?
Yes, we are fully covered so you have nothing to worry about!

  • Public Liability Insurance £10,000,000
  • Products Liability Insurance £10,000,000
  • Employer’s Liability Insurance £10,000,000

How do I book?

  • To book one of our groups just email Cheryl and let her know you would like to secure your date.
  • Cheryl will gather some details from you in order to write out a contract.
  • She will then Email it to you to print, sign and return to us with £100 booking fee (balance due 8 weeks before your wedding or event)
  • BACS is our preferred method of payment – all the details you need will be on the contract
  • We are fully flexible if anything needs to change (the venue, the timings)
  • We are available 24/7 to answer any questions you might have, or help in any way we can

Could we meet you before our wedding day? Other groups have said no.
Yes of course. Meeting with you before your big day is extremely important to us. As part of the service we offer you are eligible for a music consultation meeting with your own specialist wedding music consultant. This can take place at your home or at your venue (travel expenses apply) However, if you prefer, you can chat with us over the phone or via skype, email or text. We are happy with whatever you want to do.

Do you play at wedding fairs?
We play at quite a few wedding fairs/open days throughout the year, although we do limit these to fairs and open days that take place at the venues where we are the recommended string group. We do not often perform at Commercial Wedding Fairs. You are always welcome to pop along and say hi and have a listen each time we take part in one! Please feel free to join us on our social networking pages to keep up to date with where we are playing. Do keep an eye on our calendar here and join us on our Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest or  Twitter


What time do you arrive to set up?
We always arrive at least an hour before we are booked to start playing. This is to allow time to set up and liaise with the venue and make sure everything is in place before our booking begins. We never leave anything to chance. Our actual set up time is approximately 15 minutes!

Will you take a break during our booking?
Yes. Playing a stringed instrument is quite physically demanding so our musicians will need to take a comfort break during your booking. Our break is always taken at a time convenient to you.  For bookings of 3 hours or less we take approximately 10 minutes in every hour of playing. For bookings over 3 hours we work in 45 minute sets.

What do you wear?
Our ladies wear smart black dresses or trousers and our Gents wear DJs or White Tuxedos depending on your preference. We can also wear smart casual if you would prefer. We are happy to liaise with you regarding dress – nothing is ever set in stone!

What happens if one of your members is ill on the day of the booking and can’t make it?
If one of our members is unable to play at your wedding or event due to illness or unforeseen circumstances, we call on another professional player who is known to us and knows our repertoire. The highest quality standard of the group would be maintained and your event would not be affected.

Can you play outside?
Yes, no problem at all. We are happy to follow you and your guests outside if you wish us to. All we need is shade from direct sunshine as this can damage our instruments. For weddings and events during the winter months (and sometimes March, September, October  and November dependent on conditions) it can be too cold for us to play outside. As a general rule we can only play outside if the temperature is 18 degrees celsius or over – we are static as we play and can get cold quickly.

Will the Musicians require refreshments?
We don’t require feeding on the day – we think that couples have enough to think about without having to organize food for us! We bring an Ariella Picnic to have at some point. However, we would be very grateful for access to fresh water.


Can you play for our Church Hymns?
Yes, playing for hymns is all part of the service we offer! We will even arrange hymns at no extra charge if we do not have a particular hymn that you have chosen.

Can you provide a singer?
Yes, we now have added a lovely soprano to our list of services. She is called Gemma Turner – Soprano and you can book her along with any of our groups. Great to help lead your hymns!!

Can you come to our Church wedding ceremony rehearsal? 
Yes, of course that’s not a problem at all. Just let us know when it will be and we can organise one of our members to join you. The cost for this service depends on the distance we need to travel and the length of time you would like us to be there. Once we have all the details, Cheryl will invoice you. This is a service not many groups offer but we think it is extremely important!

After the church wedding ceremony we would like you to play at our drinks reception. Is this okay for you?
Yes, this is absolutely fine – we are experts in dashing off after a church ceremony and haven’t been beaten to the reception venue yet!! Remember that you and your guests spend a little time mingling outside the Church which gives us time to slip away! To help us out, it is a good idea to ask the venue to make sure we have arm-less chairs placed where you would like us to play – this saves time when we set up. Travel between venues is part of our overall booked time.


I don’t see our special piece of music on your list – can you play it?
Of course we can! If we do not have the piece of music or song that you would like played we will try to source it for you as cheaply as possible. If it is not already available to purchase you are welcome to hire the services of our professional music arranger, He can will arrange any piece of music you require that is not already on our list. He needs at least 2 months notice and there is a small fee payable. Please note that not all music is suitable to be played on strings, we will let you know if your ideas are not possible.

We would love to have a reminder of your playing – can we video your musicians?
Of course, you are very welcome to have video and sound recordings of our musicians. We just ask that you not use any recordings commercially and that before adding to any social media platforms, you contact us first.

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