Ariella Strings

Terms and Conditions

1. It is agreed that the equipment and instruments of the musicians performing for the engagement are not available for use by other performers or persons except by specific permission of the musicians.

2. It is the responsibility of the Engager to take all reasonable steps by way of stipulation in booking the venue for the engagement, to ensure an adequate performance area for the Musicians.

3. The performers cannot always stay beyond the agreed contracted finishing time as, one or more players may have further engagements (although you are always welcome to ask). Please be careful when choosing times as it is disappointing if we have to rush off. Where possible we will always try and exercise goodwill.

4. We cannot guarantee to be able to accommodate changes in timings made less than four weeks prior to the engagement.

5. Protection of stringed instruments – adequate shade, shelter and space must be provided by the engager and/or event organiser which, in the opinion of the performers, must be sufficient to protect their stringed instruments against any damage and exposure to the elements, such as water, direct sunlight, wind, rain, snow, fire, thunder and lightning and any artificial special effects, which can damage stringed instruments. It is at the discretion of the musicians as to whether conditions are suitable for the group to play outside. Please remember that, while you and your guests are mobile when outside, your musicians are static and because of this, get cold quickly!

6. No videos will be made of the musicians without their prior permission. Please can you inform your videographer of this, as direct video footage incurs an extra fee. It is imperative that we chat with him/her.


a) The Designs, Patents and Copyright Act (1988) provides for musicians to be paid an extra fee if their performance is audio or video recorded. (Background music caught up during a private function or wedding is permissible). This applies to both amateur and professional recordings.

b) For direct footage the fee per musician is £54

c) The law also provides that written permission of the performers should be obtained before making any recording. This may, in some cases, be impractical but, if so, verbal permission should be obtained before a recording is made.

d) Wedding couples or churches often obtain a Wedding Video Recording Licence ( This licence covers the copyright, where applicable, for any music caught up on the recording. It does NOT cover the performance of any live musicians present.

 In order to exercise goodwill, we are happy to discuss these terms with you.

7. In the event of any of our regular members not being available on the day of your booking, we have a pool of other professional musicians of equal standard who will play in their place. These musicians are all fully prepared and rehearsed with our repertoire and have performed with us before.

8. Breaks – A minimum of 10 minutes in every hour is included within the times requested for a comfort break for the performers. The performers undertake that the timing and taking of comfort breaks will be executed with sensitivity, taking into account where practicable the nature of the function. For bookings of over 3 hours the musicians will work in 45 minute sets. Please note that moving and setting up in a different venue or room does not constitute a comfort break.

9. Cancellation Terms.

If you find that you have to cancel, the following terms will apply:-

1. 12 weeks and longer. Loss of deposit only. (Deposit is non-refundable)

2. Less than 12 weeks. 50% of the full fee (less the deposit) will be payable.

3. Less than 6 weeks. The full fee (less the deposit) shall be payable.

These cancellation terms are required because we have to turn down any other engagements for your date.

10. These Terms & Conditions may not be modified or cancelled except by mutual consent, in writing and signed by both parties.

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