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Weddings Vs British Weather

Over the years we have encountered all sorts of weather whilst playing at weddings!

Even a summer wedding is not safe from the elements!

Superstition says it is good luck if it rains on your wedding day and a symbol of a good strong marriage!

Recently, it was pointed out to me that a wet knot is harder to untie, so if it rains on your big day, smile and enjoy every wet moment! It is just a sign of all the great things to come!

Our most recent experience of a sudden downpour was only last month!
While Hannah and Dan were saying “I do” at the Church we were busy setting up at Dodmoor House!
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BUT the sun came out and we spent the rest of the afternoon playing on the courtyard terrace!
String Trio Dodmoor House
Lovely Hannah and Dan
Last August we visited Grendon Lakes!
String trio Grendon Lakes
Grendon Lakes Outdoor Ceremony began beautifully!
I expect you are wondering what happened next……….?
We re-setup in the marquee and continued the ceremony.
Then the sun came out!
Earlier in  August 2018 – this time at Holdenby House.
The weather looked a little ominous as we arrived at Holdenby House
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We actually never made it outside!!
In the end we settled down inside and had a blast!
Just don’t look out the window!!
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Then there was the time we played at Clare College in Cambridge……………….!
String Quartet Cambridge
The weather didn't look too bad when we arrived to set up! Nothing prepared us for what happened next!!
The aftermath…………….!
And of course our famous journey to Blenheim Palace
that took us 7 hours instead of the usual 1 hour!
When we set off it was actually a lovely sunny morning! By the time we reached the M40 this happened!
The funny thing was that we made it to Blenheim Palace before the Registrars and they were only driving from Oxford!!
Just as well we LOVE weddings!!

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