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Why are Ariella Strings different from other string groups?

Ariella Strings - photo by John Woodward

You are wanting beautiful, live string music for your wedding day to add that “special something”!

How do you choose a good string group………a string group who will go that extra mile?

It can be very overwhelming when you first start looking into the hundreds of string quartets who are now advertising their services playing for weddings. We see professional groups, semi-professional groups, and now, even amateur groups, advertising online. You will find many groups with wonderful websites! Unfortunately, a great website does not always mean a really good, professional string group offering a great service!

How can you tell if a string quartet is right for you?

It is always imperative to make sure the group you book is fully qualified, insured and will provide a written contract with clear terms & conditions! These are the most basic factors for any booking! Do also ask for recommendations from couples who have used their services – not just online reviews. Ask if you can be contacted by previous clients so you can have a chat! A good group will gladly help with this – do not be afraid to ask!

Dodmoor House String Quartet
Lauren & Andrew at Dodmoor House
How are Ariella Strings different from other string groups?

We are well known for the fantastic service we offer to all of our couples. From the moment you confirm a booking with us we want you to feel that you are the only couple we will be playing for.

Here are a few of the additional services we offer that sets us aside from the rest.

  • Our priority is YOU! Not only are we professional, fully qualified and insured, we are caring and make our couples feel like the VIPs they all are! We love weddings and are completely sensitive to your needs! It is our passion to make sure you receive the top service we would expect ourselves! Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life and we want to be able to help you make it memorable for all the RIGHT reasons!!
  • We are happy to meet all of our couples in person prior to their wedding day, to chat about music choices, the logistics of their bookings and to get to know them a little better so we are not strangers on the day of their wedding! It is really important to us to take the time to get to know our couples – it helps us when we are advising about music choices. We are approachable, down to earth and friendly and we are still in contact with many of our past clients.
  • In preparation for your wedding ceremony ALL of your chosen ceremony music is put into a separate folder for each musician. This means the service we provide during your ceremony is slick and discreet. We take the time to put together these “ceremony” music folders in order to make sure there is no changing of folders or searching for music during what is the most important part of your wedding day.
  • All of our folders of music are kept neatly in boxes by our chairs throughout your wedding day! You will not see music folders strewn around our feet – our stands are all matching as well! These little details are so important and can make such a difference to any photos taken of us on the day!
Amanda and Rishi at Woburn Sculpture Gallery
  • After you have your music consultation meeting (about 8 weeks before your wedding day), we type up your playlists and send them to you for approval. It doesn’t matter how often you want to make changes. It is important to us that you are completely happy with your musical scenery on your wedding day! Only once you are happy with your playlists and have given us the “thumbs up” will we put together your music folders. They will then be carefully numbered and indexed especially for your special day. Everything is tailored precisely. We leave nothing to chance!
  • We play at Open Days and Wedding Fairs organised by the Venues who recommend us! This means we are available for all our couples in the months preceding their weddings. Come and have a listen and meet us in a lovely informal way! We love chatting all things weddings. Venue Open Days are also a great way for you to introduce us to other family members who we will meet on your wedding day!
  • We have a private fb group available for all of our couples to join. Within the group you can chat with our other couples who are at every stage in their wedding planning. The one thing you all have in common is Ariella Strings. The FB group is also very useful if you need any advice on which other suppliers to book. Would you like to know what music worked well for other couples? Just ask our other couples! Do you need to know what DJ to choose? Post in the Ariella FB group!
  • We are certainly NOT professional photographers but we LOVE all the little personal touches our couples put into their weddings! We take lots of Iphone photos of any little details that catch our eye on the day! If you want us to we can send them to you. With your permission, we post these photos to our social media for others couples to enjoy!

Your wedding day is important to us so we go the extra mile!

 A happy couple = happy musicians! xx

Julie and Robin at Fawsley Hall

Award winning string groups specialising in creating the perfect musical scenery for weddings

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